The EANC Policy comes from a deep understanding of AFAR traditional values and principles of our region, as well as a profound respect of the universal principles of Rule of Law, Democracy and respect of Human Rights.

As indigenous peoples we must define our own form of Governance, as well as our own customary laws and traditions. This collective perspective represents the Afar people’s right to leverage their land and resources as collective assets.

With control of resources in the Afar region of Eritrea under federal status, the control of the sea, minerals and resources we chart a new beginning for the Eritrean Afar People that will co-exist and promote the diversity of Eritrea while advancing as a civilization.

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1. Self Rule and Governance

EANC calls for an alternative, sustainable, federated and autonomous Afar State of Dankalia in Eritrea

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2. Indigenous Rights

Safekeep Afar cultural and indigenous beliefs and aspirations

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3. Consitutional Reform

Based on the principles of freedom, autonomy and equality for all nationalities

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4. Human Rights

With the UN, to help Eritrean Afar refugees who have fled to neighboring countries

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5. Economic Policy

Improve the standard of living through economic development based on an open, non-discriminatory and equitable trading systems

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6. Land and Natural Resources

To promote a responsible, fair and economically productive resource management framework

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