Our mission is to prepare the necessary groundwork for a transitional phase leading to Eritrean Afar self-government in the Afar home State of Dankalia within federated Eritrea; to develop the human capital of the Eritrean Afar people through education and sustainable economic growth; and the creation of an economic environment and foreign policy that encourages international investment, development and peace and security in the region.

Our mission is to:

  1. Exercise our people’s right to self-determination and to have the right to Self-government and autonomy in matters relating to our internal and local affairs, as well as ways and means for financing Afar autonomous functions.
  2. To preserve the rights of Eritrean Afar indigenous people in the region; preserve and promote Afar Language (Qafar-Af) as official language of Afar State, in Eritrea, to promote its impact on local economic development, while recognizing the cultural diversity of Eritrea and respect all of its ethnicities, its social, religious, economic, political and ecological factors.
  3. Create a governance model to grow human potential of Eritrean Afar people by promoting and protecting Afar political freedoms, and fulfilling the human rights of women and men to ensure their economic, social and cultural wellbeing.
  4. End human rights violations against Afar in Eritrea, Strive to end forcible displacement, achieve capacity building, and enable the right of return and the reintegration for the displaced Eritrean Afar.
  5. Develop macro-economic policies that give adequate attention to the empowerment of the Eritrean Afar people and contribute to the economic growth through trade and employment.
  6. Encourage responsible natural resources policy that provides indigenous Afar the rights to land and resources, rights to dignity and promotion of economic aspirations and to motivate the investment in Afar education and health sector.