Eritrea’s policy of Land grab and displacement

New Movie (12).Movie_SnapshotMarch 20th, 2017- Ottawa, Canada

March 14th, Eri-TV announcement by the Eritrean government sheds light on systemic policies to displace the Afar Eritreans from resources rich and strategic coast on the red sea.

The News clip by Eritrean government claims to find a suitable environment for indigenous Afar to settle is a pure hypocrisy flying in the faces of already victimized population. This most recent government initiative to permanently settle Afar victims of June 2011 volcanic eruption of Mount Nabro , is in fact an agenda to contain the freedom of movement of an already severely marginalized and neglected communities and enforcement of policies designed to “ Land Grab and  Displace” for the benefit of the regime.[Read more]






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