Year in Review 2017 EANC Magazine


Another year has come to conclusion in Eritrea. Again the year 2017 was no different than previous years, in line with recent chapters of Eritrea’s violent history. The country is still ruled by fear, a tyrant and his military clique still rule the Eritrean people with iron fist, the repression of human rights and press freedom continues unabated, religious freedoms and ethnic persecutions carries on, Eritrea’s young still leaving the country in droves. Remarkably, Eritrea seems to get its hands on much needed hard currency through resources exploitations and land grab policies in order to finance its deposit rule in the country. Multinational corporations such as Nevsun (Bisha Gold), Danakili (Potash mines) and leasing out strategic coast in Dankalia for the UAE are all bringing in millions of dollars to Afwerki’s coffers. [Read more]

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